SNAP calls for sensitivity and more action from Sacramento law enforcement

Our hearts go out to the young victim and recognize the pain and isolation she must feel. Her welfare is of utmost importance and everything should be done to insure that she is safe and secure, free from any intimidation. Detention seems a harsh remedy. Surely the courts can take into consideration her youth and emotional insecurity to make other arrangements less egregious and punitive. 

These agencies shouldn’t focus the full burden of prosecution on one teenage witness, and instead should use all available resources to find other evidence and witnesses. Law enforcement officials in Sacramento County should redouble their efforts and seek out - aggressively and publicly -anyone who may have seen, suspected, or suffered Frank Rackley’s crimes.

Victim’s advocacy groups in the Sacramento area can also assist in this investigation by echoing the call from law enforcement and using their own resources to find witnesses or whistleblowers. We encourage anyone who may have any knowledge of this incident, not matter how seemingly small or insignificant, to contact the Sacramento County police immediately.

It's tough when the full burden of prosecuting a criminal falls on the shoulders of a teenager. Let's prosecute and punish the criminals. Let's protect and honor the victims.


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