SNAP blasts parishioner for tampering with jury for a second time

Twice in a matter of weeks, a supporter of Fr. Michael Kelly has attempted to sway a juror. This is a crime, and deserves to be punished as such. It is one thing to pray for a priest and believe he is innocent (though a 12 person jury found him guilty of molesting a boy). It is quite another to actively attempt to persuade a juror towards your point of view.

This individual clearly has no respect for the justice system. The judge should, at a minimum, hold this person in contempt of court to teach the lesson that ought to be common sense: jury tampering should never be acceptable.

And we renew our call to Stockton's Bishop Blaire to rein in his parishioners who are publicly supporting Kelly, both at the courthouse and elsewhere. These church-goers and Bishop Blaire should let the justice system run its course and put an end to these public display that intimidate victims - adults and teens - into staying silent.


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  • David Clohessy
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