SNAP blasts Msgr. Lynn’s defense theory

Msgr. Lynn suggests he was overwhelmed and inexperienced, but apparently never once asked for additional personnel or training. He implies he got conflicting pressures but apparently never once sought clarity. He now blames others' "rules" but apparently never once objected to them or tried to change them.

If indeed Msgr. Lynn had these feelings of maybe wanting to do more, shouldn't there be some evidence that at some point over a decade or more he might have acted on these feelings? Yet there is none.

Here's what Msgr. Lynn did do: he lied to parishioners (and admitted that under oath, using that word) because his boss supposedly wanted him to. And not once, in almost four decades as a seminarian and priest did he ever call police about known or suspected child sex crimes, no matter how egregious or repeated they were.

Msgr. Lynn wants us to believe that despite his power and title and prestige and education, he was a poor, powerless trapped mouse coerced by a larger-than-life prelate. The truth is he’s a self-serving moral coward who let dozens or perhaps hundreds of kids be sexually tortured because he didn't want to jeopardize his career or his colleague's reputations.

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