CA - Embattled San Jose pastor resigns, SNAP pushes for more information

We're glad this irresponsible pastor, Fr. Lieu Vu, has resigned. He needlessly and deliberately put kids in harm's way by letting a convicted child molester volunteer at at leastt one parish function. He also foolishly argued for "forgiveness." While forgiveness is good, it shouldn't be mistaken for prudence.

We can and should forgive child molesters. But we shouldn't give them the chance to hurt more kids.

Bishop Patrick McGrath should publicly disclose and denounce the church employee who wrote the perpetrator a permission slip to be on school property. It is especially disturbing that that letter was written on November 15, 2010, almost two years ago. It is frightening to think of how many times that letter could have been used to gain access to kids. Bishop McGrath should clarify what the original purpose of the letter was, and should also tell parishioners whether the church staffer who penned the letter was fired or quit

It's time for him to honor his pledges to be "open" in child sex cases, and it's time for him to punish those who endanger kids, not just vaguely apologize for some alleged bureaucratic snafu.


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  • Gloria Sullivan
    commented 2012-11-20 16:34:53 -0600
    Forgivness is a personal thing that happens when you have been abused.and “you choose” to forgive your abuser. That is not for us to decide whether we forgive the abusers or not. They must be held accountable for their Crimes Against the innocent of our society! They must not be sent out into society again & again to abuse again as the hierarachy of the RCC has delibertly done to excuse their “fault”.They have allowed them to do this by transfering them from one unsuspecting parish to another unsuspecting parish abusing the innocents as they go.

    These, children,( the marginalized and handicaped )have been harmed beyond recognition for the rest of their lives and who have been Spiritually Murdered !!

    The Catholic Clergy must be held to a higher standard than any other human being that sexually abuses the innocents. Why ? Because they claim to be Christ here on earth to the Catholics. They hear the confessions of people as if they were God. They are not God and have no right, by any Biblical Standard to do so. Christ is our Redeemer ! To HIM do we owe our Salvation and no one else… This is the Worst kind of Blasphemy of Jesus Christ , His Father and the Holy Spirit, to the highest possible order in this universe.

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