Sex abuse victims say Minn. law brought hope, chance for justice

Todd Melby · May 25, 2016, MPR News

As a kid, Jon Landstrom spent hours in the pool churning out lap after lap. His dedication paid off when he won a spot on the Roseville Stingrays, an elite regional swim team.

But an encounter with an assistant swim coach would change how he felt about going to the pool.

"He wanted to have his hands on me," Landstrom recalled. "Even if it was in front of people, he wanted to pet me or have his hands on me."

The inappropriate behavior escalated until one day the coach sexually molested him, he said. "He called me tiger, which to this day gives me the creeps. It was sick."

This was the 1970s and Landstrom was only 12 years old. He said he was scared and didn't know  . . . 

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