For Second Time, Cardinal Dolan Keeps Accused Priest on the Job

A New York City priest is still on the job even though seven men say he molested them. This kind of inaction only further endangers children and vulnerable adults and we call on Vatican officials to punish and demote him.

Making matters worse, this is the second time in the past year that Cardinal Dolan kept the vulnerable in harm’s way. Just six months ago it was revealed that Fr. Donald Timone, himself twice-accused of abuse, was able to stay on the job even though Catholic officials paid one of his victims a six figure settlement.

In today’s case, Monsignor John Paddack is accused of molesting eight boys between 1984-2002. Lawyers for the survivors of Msgr. Paddock said that Cardinal Dolan first learned of the charges back in 2012, according to the Daily News. Yet Paddock was allowed to remain in ministry, in a move that defies common sense.

Msgr. Paddack is less the issue now than Cardinal Dolan. Most credibly accused predator priests profess innocence. And thanks to the courage of these eight men, the public, police, prosecutors, parishioners and parents are now warned about Msgr. Paddack.

But top Catholic officials must take action now against Dolan, the head of the second largest archdiocese in the US, who has repeatedly put children and vulnerable adults in harms way. Under Pope Francis’ new edict and the new system for reporting developed by church officials in Baltimore earlier this month, Cardinal Dolan would be one of the men tasked with investigating accusations against other bishops.

Given Cardinal Dolan's actions in the past year, we do not believe he would be up to this task. The Vatican should remove him from his post and send a clear and strong message that this kind of inaction will not be tolerated.

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  • Kate Holzum
    commented 2019-07-02 19:16:26 -0500
    Nothing new here, Dolan did the same thing when bishop in Wisconsin.

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