SC- Abusive female teacher is predator, SNAP says

When an adult sexually violates a minor, it's never "a relationship" or "an intimate interaction." It's a crime. It should be described and treated like a crime. It should never be depicted as consensual, because by definition, a 16 year old cannot truly consent to sex involving someone twice his or her age.

The gender of the victim or the victimizer is irrelevant.

And it's not "having sex." It's "exploiting a child." It's "child sexual abuse." Again, it's a crime.

School officials have three duties here. First, they must aggressively seek out and help anyone else who has been hurt by Wentzky. Second, they must beg any witnesses or whistleblowers with information or suspicions about Wentzky to call police. And third, they must quickly educate staff and students about how to appropriately respond when child sex abuse allegations surface, so that no one - intentionally or inadvertently - says or does anything to further injure this victim.

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