Sandusky faces more charges, SNAP responds

With every new Sandusky victim that steps forward, his former colleagues and supervisors seem more and more irresponsible. Every new victim makes it less and less likely that only a few around Sandusky knew or suspected his wrongdoing. Every new victim suggests that more individuals at Penn State and the Second Mile are culpable.

Nothing can now erase the devastating harm that these brave victims have endured. But those who kept silent about suspicions or knowledge of Sandusky’s misdeeds can ease the pain of Sandusky’s victims are enduring now – by ‘coming clean,’ admitting their wrongdoing, and fully cooperating with law enforcement so that the criminal process can move ahead quickly.

We call on everyone associated with Penn State and the Second Mile to aggressively seek out others who may have been harmed by Sandusky and beg them to step forward, get help, call police, and start healing. And we call on everyone associated with Penn State and the Second Mile who knew or suspected that Sandusky was a criminal to ‘fess up’ now, so that the suffering of Sandusky’s victims might be lessened.

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  • James Quillin
    commented 2011-12-08 23:20:54 -0600
    I agree, this opens up a lot of wounds
  • Barbara and Howard Blaine / Rubin
    published this page in Media Statements 2011-12-07 14:22:00 -0600

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