Sample Graphics and Social Media Messages for #EndChildSexAbuseDay on November 18

Below are some sample messages and graphics that you can use on your social media channels to spread the word about #EndChildSexAbuseDay on November 18. 

On November 18, we will be focusing our messages around the need for federal intervention, including more funding for programs that support children and survivors, a federal level investigation into institutions that have perpetrated and covered-up abuse, and new laws aimed at protecting children and preventing abuse.

We will be using the hashtags #EndChildSexAbuseDay and #AllSurvivorsDeserve, so remember to include those in any posts you make on November 18! The messages below can be used with any social media platform, feel free to copy them entirely or use these ideas as inspiration to create your own messages. At the bottom of this page, there are also some sample graphics you can download and use.

Click here to see the final version of the blueprint!

Sample Social Media Messages:

  • We (I) support Keep Kids Safe federal blueprint because #AllSurvivorsDeserve a federal investigation into institutions that perpetuate abuse and cover-ups #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • #AllSurvivorsDeserve a federal investigation into institutions that have shielded sexual predators and enabled them for decades is something SNAP and its members have long been calling for #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • To end sexual violence against children + adolescents, we need policies + programs that support prevention, healing, and justice for children everywhere. #EndChildSexAbuseDay #Nov18WorldDay #PreventionHealingJustice

  • We (I) support this important World Day of Action to recognize the need for more federal funding for prevention, healing, and justice #AllSurvivorsDeserve #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • The World Day of Action and the blueprint calls for systemic change in communities throughout our country to address the crisis of sexual abuse and lack of accountability by institutions #AllSurvivorsDeserve #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • On #EndChildSexAbuseDay let’s renew our commitment to end sexual violence against children + adolescents and elevate the voices of survivors + allies to create change. #Nov18WorldDay #PreventionHealingJustice

  • I (We) support the call for long-term, sustained funding for organizations focused on “prevention, healing, and justice” to ensure programs reach all children everywhere #AllSurvivorsDeserve #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • I support the federal blueprint to ensure that survivor voices and experiences are heard, acknowledged, honored, and included in governing and decision-making bodies #AllSurvivorsDeserve #EndChildSexAbuseDay

  • Nov 18 is #EndChildSexAbuseDay, a day for us to acknowledge the magnitude of sexual violence against children + adolescents and call for real, lasting change in communities and countries around the world 🌍 #Nov18WorldDay #PreventionHealingJustice

  • Sexual violence against children is a crisis around the world—but we know it doesn’t have to be this way. There are effective, evidence-based solutions that work to address violence. Together, we can create a safer future for all children 🌎 #EndChildSexAbuseDay #PreventionHealingJustice

  • In order to have prevention, healing and justice for sexual violence against children + adolescents, we need to ensure that survivors’ voices + experiences are heard, acknowledged and honored in all decision-making processes. #EndChildSexAbuseDay #Nov18WorldDay #PreventionHealingJustice

  • Sexual violence against children + adolescents is a silent pandemic that must be addressed. On #EndChildSexAbuseDay, we’re calling for systemic change that centers survivor voices and promotes prevention, healing + justice. #Nov18WorldDay #PreventionHealingJustice

Sample Social Media Graphics

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