Rome Diary Part 3

We went leafleting last night about Fr. Juan Baptiste Ormechea. He and five other admitted or credibly accused US predator priests are living and we fear working here in Rome (or have done so recently). With a little help from a kind volunteer, we had an outreach flyer translated into Italian. It explains who we are and why we were passing out leaflets. People were very polite and accepted our flyers. As all of you know so well, leaflets are an amazing tool and almost always help us to find survivors and warn communities about dangerous predators living nearby.

At our event today was at 10:30, we had about 30 reporters and camera crews from several countries (including the US). Our topic today was “the Dirty Dozen,” the twelve worst of the cardinals whose names are being mentioned as papal contenders. (It is posted on our website.) It was not easy to narrow down the list, but we ended up with names from nine countries, all men whose dioceses have been caught up in the scandal (and some from places where the scandal is just beginning to make headlines). We tried to judge them on their actions but often their words were so egregious that we included them.

You can guess the first question—who would you pick for pope? (Personally I think Pope Barb has a nice ring. Just kidding!) While some candidates are better than others, it is very hard to seriously back any contender that has an actual chance of being elected.

We are off to meet with reporters. Many of you have been traveling with us wherever we go. We have a few dozen photos of survivors at the age they were abused and we hold them proudly. So do not be surprised to see your face on TV. We miss many of you and appreciate your support!

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