RI bishop keeps silent about child sex report vs. priest

Shame on Providence Bishop Thomas Tobin. He got a credible report of sexual abuse by Fr. Timothy Gordon and kept it secret, just like bishops have done for decades.

Remember ten years ago, when bishops pledged to be “open” about child sex cases? Here is an example of another promise by Catholic prelates broken. Why? So the reputation of church officials might be protected. Shame on every single Rhode Island Catholic employee who knew about this allegation and kept quiet.

The only reason this has surfaced is because of the bravery of James Wilkinson. We commend him for his courage and his compassion. Because he acted responsibly, kids are safer now. 


Read the story here: http://www.woonsocketcall.com/node/5119

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  • James Moran
    commented 2012-04-26 15:06:34 -0500
    So, that accusation reached the diocese in January — it is now a solid THREE (3) MONTHS later — when was the priest removed from ministry? This week? last January (when he should have been removed until the investigation ended?) Why is it just coming to light NOW!?!? Lots of questions on this one — where is the “transparency” of the Bishop in all of this? A three month delay is certainly not “in a timely manner” as I can see it.
  • David Clohessy
    published this page in Official SNAP Media Statements 2012-04-26 11:26:53 -0500

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