Research to specifically focus on those who were abused by clergy after they turned 18 and reported the abuse to their religious institution

My name is Krystal Woolston. I have followed the work of SNAP for a long time but have not had big interactions. I initially started following SNAP in 2013 when I reported a pastor in my denomination (Methodist). I recently gave a talk about my experience at a ted-style UMC conference, so I've included that script as an attachment. 
In the time that has passed since then, I started in a Human Development PhD program at Montclair State University (an institution I also work at). I had originally started my PhD program with the intent to focus research on community engagement (the area I currently work in), but as time went on and I struggled with the response from my church and denomination, I realized that this was the area I really wanted to research and hopefully make a meaningful impact on the way religious institutions respond to reports of abuse. 
I am focusing my research specifically on those who were abused by clergy after they turned 18 and reported the abuse to their religious institution. I am looking at whether how the institution responds impacts a survivor's well-being, spirituality, and post traumatic growth. I am now at the stage of data collection for my dissertation. I developed a completely anonymous survey (including randomizing IP addresses so locations cannot be detected), with an option to participate in an interview at a later date. I am hoping to collect survey data through April 10th. I've included as an attachment my approved proposal for my research as well. 
I'm really passionate about this work and I think the more respondents I hear from the more likely institutions will be willing to make adjustments to policies in their responses, so any assistance at all would be appreciated. Please let me know.

Krystal Woolston (she/her/hers)
Assistant Director, Center for Community Engagement
Phone: 973-655-4268
Email: [email protected]

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