Priest Who Helped Blow the Whistle in Buffalo Deserves to be Reinstated

According to reports, the acting administrator at the Diocese of Buffalo is considering reinstating a priest whose secret recordings helped bring to light the methods Catholic officials were using in Buffalo to keep scandals hidden from the public.

We hope that Fr. Ryszard Biernat is reinstated as quickly as possible. He was punished for doing the right thing and taking steps to end cover-ups in Buffalo. Such a punishment should not stand and we believe that Bishop Edward Scharfenberger should resintate Fr. Biernat now.

Bishop Scharfenberger apparently said that Fr. Biernat “must show accountability.” Yet by recording Bishop Malone and exposing his lies to the public, Fr. Biernat showed that he was accountable to the truth. The Catholic Church needs more men like Fr. Biernat, not fewer. We applaud Fr. Biernat for risking his livelihood to expose the truth and hope that his inappropriate and wrong punishment is undone as soon as possible.

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