Pope at German Bundestag - Clergy Sex Victims disappointed

It’s sad that in Germany, where hundreds of brave, wounded child sex abuse victims have spoken up in the last year, the pope can’t bring himself to openly address the most devastating crisis in modern church history.

If he can’t even talk about it, there’s little chance he can fix it.

We keep looking for the papal speech in which he outlines clear, specific action steps that will help prevent future clergy sex crimes and cover ups. But it never happens. This time is no exception.

It’s ironic that the pope speaks of justice while his lawyers and church lawyers across the globe consistently fight to stop child sex abuse victims from being heard in court.

SNAP members follow Pope Benedict across Germany, urging him to make real reforms that will protect kids (not symbolic gestures and meaningless apologies that safeguard no one). The group will hold news conferences in each city that the Pope visits.

For More Information, please contact SNAP-Spokespeople in Germany:

Barbara Blaine, (SNAP President) +1 312.399.4747+49-(0)172 1677 178 (English)

Wilfried Fesselmann +49-(0)176-48210171 (German, English)

Lieve Halsberghe, Belgium, +32 475 910 918 (Dutch, German, English, Italian, French)

Emmanuel Henckens +32(0)485 967 671  (Dutch, German, English, Italian, French)

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