Philly Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds

While we're grateful that Bevilacqua is being questioned, it's long overdue. And it's time that Catholic officials are treated, by our justice system, just like anyone else - no special privileges or deference.

We suspect the Cardinal will do what many of his colleagues have done - and pretend to recall almost nothing about dozens and dozens of cases of child molesting priests, nuns, seminarians and other church personnel. We hope the judge will see through this ruse.

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    Philly #Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds [US; Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests; #clergychildsexabuse]
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    Philly #Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds [US; Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests; #clergychildsexabuse]
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    Philly #Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds [US; Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests; #clergychildsexabuse]
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    The Unauthorized bio of Anthony “Boom Boom” Bevilacqua
    By Mike Ference

    Seems there was a young fellow by the name of Anthony “Tony” Boom Boom Bevilacqua who, along with fellow thugs, hijacked a delivery truck filled with Halloween costumes coming into Pittsburgh from Jersey. These weren’t ordinary costumes; they were religious in nature – mostly gag priests’ outfits and nuns’ attire. “There was some good stuff— bishop costumes and cardinal gear,” recalled a priest at St. Luke’s.

    According to the priestly snitch, Tony Boom Boom Bevilacqua showed up dressed as a bishop at an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner at a Catholic church in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh – the rest is history.

    Eventually, Bevilacqua opened his own seminary St. Paul’s, near Pittsburgh, where he sold off the priest outfits and nun clothes to persons released from psychiatric treatment centers for sexually dysfunctional men and women. Bevilacqua would then place the pedo – priests in church parishes and the pedo -nuns in Catholic schools where they could prey on little children. But Bevilacqua didn’t care because he made sure the “priests” and “nuns” would kick back a share of the Sunday collection take and school tuition. This brought in a lot of money which Bevilacqua shared with the Vatican. In just a short time, Bevilacqua was up for a promotion to cardinal. Again, according to our sources, Bevilacqua used his position to further his second career as a mobster and became a made-man. Our sources described it as a buy-one-get-one free type of promotion that was offered by the Vatican back in those days.

    Eventually, Bevilacqua could see the benefits of partnering with Allegheny County Government. That’s why DA Stephen Zapalla would never push for a grand jury investigation into clergy sex abuse cases. Bevilacqua also made friends with the local media including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, who often featured him in its Seen Column. The partnership with the PG continued with Bishop Donald Weurl (a.k.a. The Lavender Don) who added his own media partners to the mix– KDKA radio and television, which are oftentimes referred to as the Catholic Channel.

    As for Tony Boom Boom Bevilacqua, you’ll find him walking along the streets of Philadelphia’s Little Italy; stopping occasionally to bless video poker machines in the pizza shops and Philly steak houses. Folks in the neighborhood say he wears pajama pants and mutters something about being the only living felon ever to be canonized a saint. A check with Vatican authorities revealed nothing, although it’s rumored that canonization as a living saint for a felon may cost upwards of ten-grand, a figure many say is peanuts compared to what Boom Boom was bringing in during his glory years as a bishop and cardinal.

    According to Vegas bookies, odds are 5 to 1 Boom Boom Bevilacqua is a saint (not necessarily in good standing) years before JPII.
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    Philly Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds via @SNAPNetwork
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    Philly Cardinal is questioned; SNAP responds via @SNAPNetwork
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