Pennsylvania victims of child sex abuse suffer yet again, this time at the hands of Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward

We are disappointed to learn that HB951 has been taken off the table in the Pennsylvania Senate. This bill would have opened a two-year window for survivors of child sex abuse to sue their perpetrators and any institution that enabled them. Instead, Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward essentially blocked this bill from a full Senate vote. HB951 passed the House and Judiciary committee by an overwhelming margin, yet Senator Ward and a handful of colleagues claim the bill is "unconstitutional."

We agree with Attorney General Josh Shapiro's statement on social media, "There are no legitimate constitutional concerns to providing survivors a fair chance in court, which is why no Senator has provided us with any constitutional questions to answer. Multiple states have passed similar reforms and they’ve been upheld by courts across the country. We are just two votes away from this being signed into law by the Governor. Why hasn’t the Senate given brave survivors the vote they were promised?"

We too want to know why Senate Majority Leader Leader Ward is turning her back on victims.

We remain committed to survivors and advocates in Pennsylvania and every other state. Victims deserve their day in court and SNAP will continue to support them through our network.


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