Parishioner attends meeting saying it did not go far enough

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One Parishioner at St. Patrick's Church in Kansas City said Bishop Robert Finn owes Catholics an apology for allowing the sex abuse scandal to happen

On Saturday, Finn met with parishioners at the church.

St. Patrick's is the church where Father Shawn Ratigan was when the scandal involving child porn began.

Last May, Ratigan was charged with possessing child porn.

Finn was also charged for failure to report abuse suspicio...

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  • David O'Regan
    commented 2012-02-09 10:33:16 -0600
    The RCC worldwide has chosen to protect the institution over children. This is not an isolated case, and these despicable leaders must be held accountable for sacrificing the destruction of innocent children’s lives and their families by sick members of their church. All Catholics need to come forward, and demand that any perpetrator be handed over to the police and any church leader who covered up their activity be fired, no matter what their position is within the church. Society must protect its most vulnerable members, and we all including the Catholic Church need to support laws that would insure that no one responsible for covering up these despicable crimes goes unpunished.
  • Mike Drabik
    commented 2012-02-06 10:58:45 -0600
    Kudos to the Catholic parishioner who had the courage to stand up and make her voice heard. But of Bishop Finn wouldn’t even have been there if not compelled. Any apology he would give would also come from compulsion not contrition. There hasn’t been one American Catholic Bishop, save one, who hasn’t apologized any other way except under compulsion. But it’s important that ‘in-the-pew" Catholics speak-up as it keeps the bishops’ feet to the fire and holds them accountable

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