PA--SNAP responds Erie Priest being charge for child abuse.

For immediate release: Tuesday, May 8th

Statement by: Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Regional Leader, hm: 636-433-2511, cell: 314-974-5003, [email protected]

Thanks to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for taking action to expose the truth and protect kids today.  

Priest accused of abusing 2 boys, making 1 confess afterward

The survivors of the SNAP network are thankful for the PA Grand Jury investigation of the Erie Diocese.

Church officials had received complaints about what they say were Fr David Poulson’s “sexual predator tendencies” as far back as 2010 and they did not report it to police. They knew, yet the accused priest remained in ministry. So much for zero tolerance.  How many more kids were put in harm’s way because of this reckless inaction. It is time for church officials to be held accountable for enabling and covering up these crimes.

It is heart wrenching to learn that a young boy was made to go to confession. The guilt did not belong to the boy, it belonged to the priest. 

Hopefully any others who may have knowledge or may have been harmed by Poulson or any other Erie Diocese personnel, will find the courage to come forward and contact law enforcement no matter how long ago it happened. Child predators need to be kept far away from kids forever.

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