PA - SNAP calls for Diocese of Pittsburgh to be open about accused priests

Today, we called on Bishop Zubik to live up to his promise to be “open and honest” and to inform his flock about recently-outed priest Fr. Michael Ledoux. But Fr. Ledoux is not the only priest that Bishop Zubik has been secretive about.

Fr. Daniel Valentine, who was removed last fall from ministry, is a priest who was accused of inappropriate contact with a minor and about whom Bishop Zubik has been silent. Like Fr. Ledoux, we expect there to be more to the case than was originally revealed, and we call on Bishop Zubik to immediately end his secrecy surrounding these two priests and to open up about what crimes they are accused of, what evidence exists, and what the diocese plans to do about them.

At a bare minimum, Bishop Zubik should, for the safety of kids, disclose where Fr. Valentine is now living.

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