PA - Chaput removes priest in Philadelphia, SNAP responds

Archbishop Chaput has placed Fr. Michael Chapman on leave from ministry after receiving more allegations against the priest in May of 2012.

In the announcement today from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, a spokesman claimed that “Father Chapman had never actually returned to active public ministry, did not have access to children and was not residing in a parish at any time since the May 4th announcement." Farrell said.

It's disingenuous and misleading for Philly church officials to claim Fr. Chapman didn't have access to kids. Unless they'd put him in a remote, secure treatment facility, he did in fact - and likely still does in fact - have access to kids. It's just wrong for church officials to pretend they effectively monitor suspended and credibly accused child molesting clerics 24/7.

We hope that Archbishop Chaput does more than the bare minimum by releasing this press statement. He should go to every single parish where Fr. Chapman worked and seek out victims and witnesses. To do any less is inexcusable.


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