Ongoing investigation in Wisconsin clergy and faith abuse charges another predator.

(For Immediate Release February 4, 2022) 

Another brave survivor has come to forward and now another charge has been levied against an already convicted child predator, Jon Nystrom.  One of the most aggressive and effective probes into clergy and faith abuse by the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office in conjunction with authorities in Waushara, charged Nystrom, a registered sex offender from a conviction in 2019.

Nystrom is now facing charges for a 2009 incident of sexual assault of a minor at Mount Morris camp in Waushara County. The camp is often used by religious organizations for retreats. According to reports, Nystrom was a camp counselor at the time.

It is clear and evident to us that investigation and intervention from secular authorities is the best way to root out ongoing abuse, discover historical cases, and bring healing and prevention to communities. In this case, the victim reported the assault for the first time on Attorney General Josh Kaul's website for clergy and faith leader abuse, the DOJ said. The victim had not told the church or law enforcement before. "This case is possible because of the report made by a brave survivor and the diligent work of investigators, victim service professionals, and prosecutors," Kaul said in a statement.

We hope that by coming forward, the victim can start his healing process. We applaud his courage and know that he has not only helped himself but also his community. We know predators rarely have only one victim, and church camps such as the one described are target-rich environments. An intense outreach effort naming the predator and reaching out to other campers along with scouring of Nystrom’s work history must be undertaken to try and identify other possible victims.

Attorney General Kaul is encouraging anyone with information about other clergy and faith leader abuse to report it online at or by calling 1-877-222-2620.


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