OK - SNAP blasts church officials’ legal technicalities in Tulsa

It is extremely distressing how church officials at Victory Christian Center have handled this case revolving around the rape of a 13-year-old girl on church property.

First, they delayed for two weeks before notifying authorities. Second, they went into damage-control mode instead of trying to figure out why Chris Denman, the alleged rapist, was allowed access to the building and was able to victimize the young girl. Finally, they are now seeking to absolve themselves of liability using legal technicalities.

The simple fact of the matter is, in every instance in this case, John and Charica Daugherty acted improperly and out of fear for their own well-being and reputation instead of concern for the rape victim. Despite supposedly being “Christian ministers,” these two officials have acted in the least Christian and most selfish ways possible.

We hope that the judge in this case will see through their self-serving actions and will force them to admit some measure of responsibility for the crimes that occurred at Victory Christian. Only when those who enable and shield predators are held accountable will children be safe.


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