OH - Youngstown Catholic predator “outed;” SNAP responds

Youngstown Catholic officials kept silent for more than three years about multiple credible child sex accusations against a Catholic school teacher. What else are they hiding?

“Open and transparent.” That’s what Catholic bishops are required to be in child sex cases, according to the official US church abuse policy. What’s ‘open’ about keeping quiet as child sex allegations trickle in – one after the other – against a Catholic school teacher? What’s ‘transparent’ about saying nothing even as settlements are quietly being paid out?

This is the same old, same old.

What did Youngstown officials do – besides say nothing – about this predator? They quietly let him move elsewhere.
The same old, same old.

How many more kids has Brother Baker sexually assaulted over the last three years while Catholic officials in Ohio and Pennsylvania (where he now lives) kept secrets about his crimes?

Even after settling 11 cases against Brother Baker, Catholic officials stayed silent.

Again, same old, same old.

We hope every single person who was abused in the Youngstown diocese – by Baker or other predators – will find the courage to step forward, get help, call police, expose crimes, protect kids and start healing.

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