NY- Victims slam judge & Hasidic 'thug' brothers

These thugs belong behind bars. Shame on them for trying to intimidate a sex crime victim and help a predator stay out of jail.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun had a chance to send a strong signal to those who obstruct justice. But he blew it. We hope he feels guilt the next time he hears or reads about another person who actively tries to prevent the prosecution of a predator. And we hope he levies tougher punishment next time on those who try to silence crime victims.

There are two silver linings here. First is the courage of Nechemya Weberman’s victim and her husband Hershy Deutsch. Both of them are heroes.

Second is the wisdom and determination of Brooklyn prosecutors who fought hard for jail time for the Bergers. We applaud them for trying to get the maximum penalty for these mean-spirited men.

We hope the Hasidic community will ostracize Jacob, Joseph and Hertzka Berger. We also hope that the brothers take clear and public steps to show remorse for their hateful actions.


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