NY Times and CBS News Poll of American Catholics, SNAP Responds

Thankfully the American people now understand that top ranking Vatican officials have not addressed the problem of sexual violence within the church. Americans should remain vigilant in demanding zero tolerance from US bishops, especially since a grand jury found three dozen predators working in one diocese just over a year ago, (Philadelphia.) 

The new Pope needs to make the protection of children his top priority. He will be judged by his actions, not merely by his words. We hope to see his first act be to demand that all credibly accused predators be removed from ministry and reported to police immediately. He should follow that with a demand that all bishops who knowingly transferred a predator resign immediately. These actions will help protect children immediately.

Check out the poll here: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/03/06/us/catholics-america-poll.html?_r=0


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