NY - Brooklyn rabbi arrested for internet sex crimes, SNAP responds

A Brooklyn Rabbi has been arrested in a sting operation after propositioning what he thought was a young girl online.

We are grateful to police in New York for apprehending Rabbi Nathan David Rabinowich. Cases like this illustrate just how dangerous a tool the internet can be for a child predator. We urge parents to be vigilant in monitoring who their young children are speaking with online, and to be diligent in reporting any suspected wrongdoing.

We hope that any families who are members of Rabbi Rabinowich’s synagogue will ask their friends and fellow churchgoers if they ever saw, suspected, or suffered crimes at this rabbi’s hands. It is rare for a child predator to only strike once, and we fear that there may be more victims of his suffering in silence. Only with the encouragement of the community, family, and friends will these victims and whistleblowers find the strength to come forward. We urge them to do so now.


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