NV - Convicted predator is now a coach

Two organizations are asking a Nevada baseball program to oust a little league coach who was convicted in Nevada of child sex crimes

Leaders of SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) and SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation) are writing to officials with the Carson City Capitals about Desi Navarro who now coaches boys between nine and 13.

Navarro was convicted in 2002 for sexually abusing a student while he was the girls’ basketball coach at Dayton High School. Following his conviction, Navarro was given a suspended prison sentence and placed on five years of probation. Due to his felon status we believe Navarro should no longer work around children.

"This is an absolute outrage," said Terri Miller, President of SESAME (Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation.) “How can a convicted sex offender – found guilty of felony child sex abuse – get a job around kids? Nevada and Carson City officials should look into this immediately.

"Shouldn’t he have been made to register as a sex offender?" asked David Clohessy, Director of SNAP "Perhaps if he had, this situation wouldn’t have happened. We don’t know if Navarro has victimized any more kids, but the fact is, right now he is in the prime position to do so."

SNAP and SESAME are calling for the immediate ouster of Navarro, and an inquiry into how the ex-convict was able to secure a job as a coach. Weeks/months ago, some parents reportedly told officials of the Carson City softball league (of which Navarro is a board member) about Navarro’s criminal history, but their pleas have been ignored.

“We want to know if anyone at the Carson City Capitals was aware of Navarro’s past crimes, and we want them to immediately fire him from his position,” said Miller. “We’ve heard from parents who say that they tried to tell officials about Navarro’s history, and those same parents have told us that league officials are doing nothing.”

SNAP’s letter to the Board President of the Carson City Softball League is below:


Rick Cooley
President, Carson City Softball Association

Dear President Cooley;

We are writing you today on behalf of two separate organizations; SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and SESAME, the Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation organization. Together, we seek to protect children from abuse and to help heal those who have suffered abuse in the past.

We are sending this letter because we are deeply concerned about a coach on your staff, Desi Navarro. As you are well aware, Mr. Navarro was convicted in 2002 of having sex with a teenage student while he was a coach and teacher at Dayton High School. Following that conviction, Mr. Navarro received a five-year deferred prison sentence, and was disallowed from ever working around children again. Yet somehow he is now a coach and board member of your organization, which not only flouts his sentencing but also the trust of every child and parent in your organization.

We are asking you to immediately remove Mr. Navarro from his position.

We are demanding to know how he got this position in the first place.

And we are urging you to reach out to all the children that Mr. Navarro has had contact with and ensure he hasn’t victimized anyone else.

We are disturbed that Mr. Navarro was able to become a coach within your organization, but we are even more concerned that he has a seat on your board of directors. Is there no background check process? Were you simply naïve of his crimes, or were you aware and didn’t care? Mr. Navarro’s position is not only in direct conflict with his sentence, but also with common sense. Was Mr. Navarro given his job because his wife Tammy is also a board member? If so, then his position was even more ill-gotten than previously imagined.

We understand that it is difficult to comprehend that people you think you know can commit heinous misdeeds. The fact of the matter is that concealing the monster within is an all too common tactic employed by child predators. They seek to gain the trust of everyone within a community in order to gain access to their targeted victim. Mr. Navarro selected an adolescent teenage child and he apparently still prefers this age, otherwise he would not be so vehement in his desire to serve on your board. Navarro’s felony conviction for crimes against a minor makes him a danger to children. Our aim is to make sure you are aware of the responsibility you owe to the young female athletes you serve to ensure their safety. Not one child should feel precluded from participating in such a healthy and enriching activity as softball because you have chosen to select a board member with such an egregious criminal history.

We have heard from several different parents that they have already brought this egregious situation up to you, and that they have been ignored. We’ve been told that you personally emailed the parents’ concerns to Mr. Navarro, who responded with veiled threats of legal action against the parents. To date, no action has been taken against him.

Mr. Navarro must be removed immediately, and your organization must publicly acknowledge his removal and ensure that there are no new victims of this predator. We hope you will take these simple steps today and do your part to make sure kids in Carson City are safe.


David Clohessy
SNAP Director
(314-566-9790, [email protected])

Terri Miller
SESAME President
([email protected])

Disclaimer: This letter represents solely the opinion of those who drafted it.


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