Northeastern Jesuits Release Names of Abusive Clerics, SNAP Responds

The Northeastern Jesuit Province has released the names of “credibly accused” child molesting clerics today

We are glad that officials from the Northeastern Jesuits are taking this first step towards transparency. Releasing these names publicly is crucial not only for the safety of children and the healing of survivors, but also to encourage victims who may be suffering in silence to come forward. Revealing these names will help to deter future clergy sex crimes and cover-ups. Still, the fact remains that this is a long-overdue move prompted only by pressure from prosecutors, parishioners and the public. 

One thing missing from this list is what the immediate response by Jesuit officials was to the allegations. Were the complaints investigated? Were they reported to police? Were priests immediately removed in response? The answers to these questions will be critical to fully understanding not only the scope of the crisis, but what changes must be made in order to prevent future cover-ups and put the safety of children front and center.

We strongly encourage any survivors who were abused by one of the Jesuits named today, or one not named, or any other Bishop, priest, deacon, brother,  nun, or lay employee to contact police to make a report. We urge Jesuit officials, if they are confident in the veracity of their list, to ask for an independent investigation into their handling of sex crimes and cover-ups by outside law enforcement professionals. Such an investigation would be the only way to determine who knew what, when they knew it, and what they chose to do with that information.

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