NM- Victims blast New Mexico Catholic officials on abuse

What a cold response by New Mexico Catholic officials to the latest heinous child sex abuse reports involving a predator priest: “We do not comment on pending litigation.” Can you imagine Jesus uttering such a callous sentence?

We applaud these brave men who are stepping forward, seeking justice and exposing wrongdoing. We hope they feel proud of themselves and relieved that they are taking action.

In our experience, when victims stay trapped in shame, silence and self-blame, they continue to suffer. But when they find the courage to take action, they begin to recover. And they start revealing long-hidden painful information about abuse and cover ups that Catholics and citizens deserve to know.

We hope that every single person who saw, suspected or suffered abuse by O’Brien – or any New Mexico Catholic cleric – will come forward. It’s time to call police, protect kids, and start healing.

To read more: http://www.abqjournal.com/main/2013/05/01/north/3-more-say-priest-molested-them.html

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  • Brad Earlewine
    commented 2013-05-01 15:34:07 -0500
    Father Mike rubbed his altar boys with sacred oil he said was blessed by the Pope.
  • Gloria Sullivan
    commented 2013-05-01 14:24:57 -0500
    “The Lord has not given you a spirit of fear but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND” this is a quote from scripture!
    This I say to those who have been abused. It’s the only way to stop the abuse of more children of God! SPEAK UP AND DON’T BE AFRAID!

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