NM - SNAP applauds sentencing for sex abuse case in NM

We are grateful that the Catholic employee, Anthony Martinez, was given the maximum sentence for his crimes against these two boys in Albuquerque. Children are always safer when predators are behind bars.

According to court documents, Martinez lied when he asked if he had ever committed similar sex crimes. Similarly, he has faced at least one more charge that we are aware of. It is clear that Martinez has a troubling history of sexual abuse and while we hope that no other children have suffered his crimes, we suspect that there are more victims.

We urge Archbishop Michael Sheehan to use all of vast resources to seek out and find others who may have been hurt by Martinez. We urge the same for officials at Santa Maria de la Paz Church in Albuquerque, where Martinez was last volunteering. Anyone who may have information about Martinez should immediately come forward to secular authorities, and help find more victims and deter future abuse.

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