NJ - SNAP responds to arrest of former PA Boy Scout leader

It is ironic that, mere days after a report is released that lauds the new policies the BSA has adopted to prevent abuse, another Scout leader is arrested on child porn charges. The fact that cases like these continue to pop up is why we constantly push for action from the outside as opposed to policy reform from within.

The fact that the police have uncovered chat logs that show Gerrett Conover abused a boy for at least seven years while he was a scout leader is disturbing. We urge scouting officials in Valley Forge, PA to reach out to all those where who in scouting at the same time as Conover and urge those who may have seen or suspected his crimes to come forward to police.

Given the evidence uncovered by police, it is difficult to believe that Conover has only ever abused one child. We find it difficult to believe that there were no warning signs that Conover was disturbed, and are interested to see what the response from Scouting officials will be on this situation. We hope it is more honest than their most recent press move.


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