NJ- Newark archbishop hires another lawyer

Newark's archbishop is hiring yet another defense lawyer. That's about protecting Myers and his reputation, not about protecting kids.

Newark predator priests haven't had more access to vulnerable youngsters because the archdiocese has too few lawyers on the payroll. These pedophiles have been around kids because of callousness and recklessness by Myers, not because of inadequate legal representation for the church hierarchy.

Motion isn't necessarily progress. Just doing things isn't proof of reform. If innocent Newark kids are to be safer and Newark predator priests are to be removed, it will take real leadership by Catholic officials, not more defense lawyers for Catholic officials.

Myers needs to stop hiding behind expensive professional lawyers and PR staffers. He needs to address this crisis directly and with meaningful reforms not empty promises.

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  • Annette Kissell Nestler
    commented 2013-05-09 21:35:15 -0500
    I read, in another article, that the Archdiocese is hiring the same lawyer, they hired to go after, Greg Gianforcao, the attorney who had the guts, to stick his neck out for victims/survivors and their families. The masses aren’t this stupid, anymore. They are sick of donating their hard earned money to be spent on arrogant defense attorneys, that have only the interest of the institution, in mind, not our children’s safety.
  • Larry and Helen Rainforth
    commented 2013-05-09 16:27:44 -0500
    Myers is known to hire “up” when the heat is on.
    While in Peoria, the diocese was represented by a team of lawyers.
    However, after not removing active pedophile priests, victims and complaints emerged.
    Consequently, a powerhouse firm was hired from Chicago.
    Follow the law teams!

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