NJ- Statement by Mark Crawford of SNAP

Punish Archbishop Myers. That's what Catholic officials must do now.

Explanations, apologies, investigations - that won't cut it.

Myers broke an agreement with prosecutors. He violated the church's abuse policy. He endangered kids. He must be punished.

Otherwise, he and other bishops will keep putting kids in harm's way.

Last year, Kansas City's bishop was found guilty, in criminal court, of a very similar offense - endangering kids by letting a predator be near them. Even after a judge found the bishop guilty, no one in the church hierarchy denounced or disciplined him. Not one bishop uttered a peep. And the wrongdoing by bishops continues.

We predict Myers will apologize. He'll "lawyer up." He'll promise to do better. He'll pick some ex-prosecutor to look at his abuse policies.

But we've been down that road, time and time again. Words and promises and church investigations don't protect kids.

Punishing those who commit and conceal and enables abuse protects kids.

How Myers is punished matters less. That Myers is punished matters most.

So we call on the National Review Board and on the top Catholic official in the US, Cardinal Dolan, to back up their promises with firm action now.


Mark Crawford

New Jersey SNAP Director

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  • Jeannie Guzman
    commented 2013-05-01 20:16:17 -0500
    Prediction: The Myers case will play out exactly like the Finn case! No one will serve any time in jail and members of the Hierarchy will sit back on their holy laurels and to absolutely nothing……….. but laugh! They’ll pull another retreat, come up with more lame apologies and promises and simply believe the whole thing will blow over, because another ordeal is inevitably around the corner, and the spot-light will be taken off of them, once more. Until the Feds find some way to get involved, it’ll be “Business as Usual,” for the bishops!

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