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Professor says church suppressed child abuse report

A LEADING child protection expert has urged the Victorian government to hold a public inquiry into the handling of child-sex cases by a Catholic religious order after the Catholic Church suppressed a report it asked him to write.

Minor allegedly raped by priest in Agusan Norte now in Gabriela custody

A 17-year old girl who was reportedly raped by a parish priest in Agusan del Norte is now under the care of women's rights organization Gabriela, an officer of the group said Friday. 

Case against priest Shawn Ratigan gets grand jury scrutiny

The Kansas City Star

A local grand jury is poised to explore the case of a Roman Catholic priest who already is facing child pornography charges in state and federal courts, The Star has learned.

Grand jurors in Jackson County soon will hear evidence related to the Rev. Shawn Ratigan case, independent sources have told the newspaper.

Victims: shameless bishop is guilt-tripping Catholics

Bishop Boyce’s shameless comments are a carefully calculated, pre-emptive strike by a bishop who is disingenuously posturing as a victim.

Five clergy sex cases settled in NJ, SNAP responds

We applaud these brave men who found the strength to report abuse and the wisdom to take legal action. We hope this resolution brings them some long-overdue and sorely needed healing.

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