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Tennessee abuse case settled after allegations 'one of the most respected priests' exploited adult converting to Catholicism

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville has settled an abuse lawsuit against "one of the most respected priests in the diocese" who was accused of sexually exploiting an adult woman he converted to the Catholic faith in 2000.

In the lawsuit, Celeste Arnone accused the Rev. Michael Sweeney of sexual assault and exploitation, severe psychological distress, defamation, the loss of faith in God and the loss of her marriage. She also accused the diocese of negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress for its handling of her allegations after they were first reported.

"I hope my case will help survivors to, first of all, realize that this is not your fault, even if you might think it is, and it may take years to realize what actually did happen to you," Arnone said in a statement to the Times Free Press.

Ex-New Orleans priest accused of molestation surrenders law license after lying about past

Patrick Sanders insists he is innocent, saying, “I feel an injustice has been done to me and my life’s vocation has been taken away.”

NEW ORLEANS — A former New Orleans-area priest who was removed from the ministry over credible allegations of child sex abuse before becoming a successful personal injury attorney recently surrendered his law license forever because he hid his scandalous past from bar exam administrators.

Stray Thoughts: A church and its misplaced priorities

By Randy Evans - The Bloomfield Democrat June 29. 2021

Talk about lousy timing.

The biggest religion story in Iowa last week was a jaw-dropper. Attorney General Tom Miller announced he has concluded a three-year investigation of sexual abuse allegations against priests in the four Roman Catholic dioceses in our state.

Denying President Biden Communion Lays Bare the Hypocrisy of the U.S. Catholic Church

As church membership continues to decline nationwide and scandal upon scandal is visited upon the doors of diocesan headquarters across the country, America’s Roman Catholic bishops have decided that now is the time to take a stand by denying President Biden communion. In doing so, they find themselves on the shakiest of ground.

Ex-Catholic school teacher pleads guilty in sex abuse cases

JACKSON, Mich. (AP) — A former Catholic school teacher has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing children during his tenure at a southern Michigan school in the 1970s.

Mississippi Supreme Court sends case accusing Catholic priest of abuse back to Forrest County

Robert McGowen's hopes for relief decades after he says he was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest are still alive after the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned a lower court's ruling Thursday.


Tollner seeks info from Diocese on abuse he says he suffered

ALBANY COUNTY — Rensselaerville resident Richard Tollner has filed a legal petition against the Diocese of Albany, relating to an effort to secure justice against a Catholic priest whom Tollner says sexually abused him when he was a teenage prep-school student in Nassau County. 

Pope and Canadian Indigenous: ‘Sorry’ must fit the level of suffering

ROME — Pope Francis seems to have no trouble using the word “sorry” and recommending others use it often.

Louisiana Legislature passes bill removing filing deadlines for child sex abuse lawsuits

In the final hours of the state legislative session that ended Thursday, lawmakers unanimously approved a bill that removes deadlines for child sex abuse victims to pursue damages in civil court.

Even after Kamloops, the Catholic Church opts for obfuscation

The word “shocking” has come up a lot in news stories about the discovery of the remains of 215 children at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops; though, to anyone familiar with the history of such schools, there was nothing remotely surprising about it.

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