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Clergy abuse: Activist asks Wausau church-goers to lobby La Crosse Diocese for openness

WAUSAU - Dozens of flyers fluttered under windshield wipers in the late morning breeze Sunday as parishioners left St. Michael Catholic Church in Wausau. 

Sexual Abuse Plaintiffs Fight Jesuit Efforts to Reveal Their Identities

As hundreds of Child Victims Act lawsuits work their way through New York’s courts, defense lawyers for one Catholic religious order are pressing to expose the identities of plaintiffs who wish to remain anonymous.

Catholics poured their hearts out to Bishop Malone. He blocked their emails.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — Last week, Bishop Malone said he was getting mostly positive feedback from Catholics about his handling of multiple sexual abuse scandals .

Former Cardinal Bevilacqua named in new clergy abuse lawsuit against Pittsburgh diocese

PITTSBURGH — A California woman claims that Cardinal Anthony J. Bevilacqua groped her when he was a bishop and she was a student at a Pittsburgh-area elementary school in the 1980s.

Columbus Diocese adds 8 names to priest sex-abuse list

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus has added the names of eight priests who have been “credibly accused” of sexually abusing minors, bringing the total to 48 after this third update of its list.

A priest from Cincinnati, a Philippine village, and decades of secrecy

TALUSTUSAN, Philippines  — The American priest's voice echoed over the phone line. "Happy days are gone," he said in the 2018 call, recorded by a young man whose accusations would shake this little island village and reveal how allegations of sex crimes by priests are still ignored, sometimes for decades, in one of the world's most Catholic countries. "It's all over."

Federal prosecutors find a way to revive abuse-related case against defrocked Philly priest

Six years ago, prosecutors in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office filed child-abuse charges against a Catholic priest, Robert L. Brennan, only to see their case collapse in less than a month after his accuser was found dead from an accidental drug overdose.

Buffalo bishop preached transparency. Secret recordings made by a whistleblower suggest a different agenda

Bishop Richard Malone, the embattled spiritual leader of the Diocese of Buffalo, is back on the defensive after a second whistleblower came forward on Wednesday, armed with hours of secret recordings that show the bishop navigating what he called “a true crisis situation” for his administration.

Lawmakers push to require clergy to disclose confessions of child abuse

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 4 (UPI) -- Legislators in two Western states are pushing measures that would require clergy members to report confessions of child sex abuse to authorities.

A letter to the Protestant church about sex abuse: We are not safer

Many Protestants have expressed righteous sadness at the sexual crimes in the faith traditions around us, namely the Catholic Church, while remaining indifferent to similar crimes within our congregations. We believe our churches are safer. We are wrong.

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