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Dear Pope Francis, To Know Is Not The Same As To Do

comments Once again, no punishment for Archibishop Myers in Fugee case: Editorial

Michael Fugee is no longer a Catholic priest, and that is right and just. Not only did he confess to fondling a teenage boy, he repeatedly broke a binding legal agreement to stay away from other children. The man is a menace.

Future Pope accused of failing abuse victims while archbishop

By Isabel de Bertodano

March 21, 2014

Pope Francis has been accused of failing to take appropriate action in a number of cases of clerical child abuse that came to light while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

Former Greenwich priest named in victims' group petition

By Daniel Tepfer

March 19, 2014

Bishop Frank Caggiano has agreed to meet with representatives of national and local victim support groups who Wednesday called for him to hire an outside firm to investigate two priests who have been accused in the past of sex abuse -- including a prominent former Greenwich pastor who has admitted he hid more than 40 years of abuse complaints.

The Record: Church insensitivity

By the Record

March 18, 2014

EVEN IN death, the Archdiocese of Newark puts the interests of its institutional self above the people it is charged to serve. Its new funeral policy for priests who were removed from ministry on sexual abuse accusations is designed to shield the families of these priests, as well as the Catholic Church, from unwanted publicity. The victims of sexual abuse do not matter. 

Why Catholic Church still gets picked on

By Pocono Record

"When you go in through those doors, it is supposed to be a spiritual, wholesome place. .. You don't know who you're listening to anymore ... It's like using the word of God for other purposes." — Roman Catholic Jose Soto, 44, talking to Fox News in Arecito, Puerto Rico

Priest in Pike County sex case promoted after move to Paraguay

By Beth Brelje

March 14, 2014

A Roman Catholic priest who was accused of molesting boys in Shohola and Moscow, Pa., has been promoted to the No. 2 position in his diocese in Paraguay. 

On His First Anniversary, The New Pope Has An Old Problem

By Rich Barlow

March 13, 2014

Pope Francis is a godsend, rejecting Catholicism’s scalding scolding for the soothing tones of a gentle pastor, his admirers insist. Words are cheap, and Francis is a figurehead coasting on rhetoric without changing the church’s antediluvian social stances, critics scoff.

Abuse survivors group wants Egan Mass for youths canceled

By Ed Stannard

March 11, 2014

A retired cardinal accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests will celebrate a Mass with 200 youthful choir members on Saturday.

Pope Francis image rightly tarnished by child abuse comments

By Markham Hislop

March 9, 2014

Recent remarks by Pope Francis are a throwback to conservative Pope Benedict XVI.

Is Pope Francis the face of a new Catholic Church? Or is he just public relations window dressing on the same old medieval institution?

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