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National group blasts Syracuse diocese over child-molesting allegations against monsignor

By John O'Brien

October 2, 2014

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A national victims' advocacy organization today criticized the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse over its handling of a child-molesting accusation against a monsignor.

Vatican trial for abuse suspect undercuts zero-tolerance goal

Boston Globe Editorial 

October 3, 2014

POPE FRANCIS sounds genuinely contrite for the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic clergy, and he has promised that those responsible will be called to account . Yet as an institution, the church still seems stuck in the habit of protecting clergy members from secular criminal justice systems.

Diocese knew about abuse by KC priest but did nothing, witnesses tell jury Read more here

By Judy Thomas

October 1, 2014

A well-known public relations consultant, a Catholic nun and a former school board vice president told a Jackson County jury Wednesday that they had reported sexual abuse concerns involving Monsignor Thomas O’Brien to the diocese over a span of decades, but nothing was ever done.

KC Diocese trial extends culture of silence about abuse

By Mary Sanchez

October 1, 2014

The culture of silence continues. It’s hovering in a courtroom in Independence this week like a blanket threatening to smother.

Pope Francis and Sex Abuse: Time for Another* Reality Check

By Betty Clermont

September 26, 2014

“Pope sacks Paraguay bishop accused of protecting abuser priest” or some similar headline was carried by newspapers and news agencies around the world yesterday, unanimously praising Pope Francis for “taking action” against a prelate for harboring a clerical sex abuser. Since such notorious guardians of offending priests as Twin Cities Archbishop Niensted, Kansas City Bishop Finn and Newark Archbishop Myers are still in place although petitions have been sent to the pope for their removal, and just about every hierarch appointed or promoted in the U.S. by Pope Francis has a dismal record in this regard, accurate headlines would have stated the real reason this bishop was “sacked.”

Lee Co. Sheriff Mike Scott connected to alleged victim in church lawsuit

By Jim Spiewak

September 24, 2014

LEE COUNTY, FL -The Diocese of Venice is backing away from claims about knowing nothing about a second child assaulted by Robert Little years before his conviction. 

CBS 2 Exclusive: L.I. Girl, 6, Says She Was Molested By Suspended Sex Offender Priest

By CBS News Team

September 22, 2014

HAMPTON BAYS, N.Y. (CBS New York) — A little girl was allegedly sexually abused by a suspended Catholic priest who was a close family friend, and who had been charged with similar a crime in the past.

Children 'chained like dogs', sexually assaulted

By Xavier La Canna

September 22, 2014

Children were "chained like dogs" and sexually assaulted at a government-run home for Aboriginal children in Darwin, a child sex abuse inquiry has heard.

Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Speak Out Against Hartford’s Archbishop

By Mike Krafcik

September 18, 2014

HARTFORD– An organization made up of people who were abused by priests spoke out in the capital city today.

They gathered because of unrest over recent actions of Hartford’s Catholic Archdiocese.

Priest closer to extradition: Accused Minnesota priest in India since 2005 abuse allegations

By Forum News Service

September 15, 2014

A Catholic priest accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls a decade ago at a Greenbush, Minn., parish is one step closer to being extradited from his home country of India to the U.S. to face charges in Roseau County.

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