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Select Stories From Across the Nation
Headlines From California

Deal Reported in Sexual Abuse Cases in Los Angeles
       - New York Times, July 15, 2007

Court allows release of clergy personnel files
      - Los Angeles Times, June 19, 2007

Diocese of San Diego Weighs Bankruptcy
   - Union-Tribune, February 19, 2007

Protesters Bring Message to Santa Barbara
   - Santa Barbara News Press, Jan. 8, 2007

Baker Hearing Fuels Speculation Over Course of Los Angeles Investigation
   - Los Angeles Times, December 12, 2006

D.A. Defends Decision to Probe Santa Rosa Diocese
   - Press Democrat, July 29, 2006

After Settlement, Finding Peace a Struggle
  - Sacramento Bee, July 1, 2006

Los Angeles Diocesan Screenings for Abusers Give Slack to Undocumented
   - LA Times, June 22, 2006

Details on 11 Los Angeles Priests Missing in '04 Report
   - LATimes, April 20, 2006

Mahony Must Give District Attorney the Files
   - LATimes, April 18, 2006

Group Warns California Church of Priest's Release
  - Desert Dispatch, Feb. 6, 2006

In Los Angeles, Trail of Abuse Leads to Seminary
  - Los Angeles Times, Nov. 17, 2005

Abuse Victims Still Suffer Decades Later
  - Los Angeles Times, October 16, 2005

Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse in Los Angeles Archdiocese
  - LA Times, October 13, 2005

Los Angeles Archdiocese Says It Didn't Shield Kids From Priests
  - LA Times, October 12, 2005

Testimony in Los Angeles Clergy Sex Cases to Be Made Public
  - Los Angeles Times, August 31, 2005

Orange County Diocese Documents Show Abuse Cover-up
  - New York Times, May 18, 2005

Second Chances
  - Orange Cty Register, May 18, 2005

Christian Brothers to Pay $6.3 to Settle Suits
  - San Francisco Chronicle, Dec. 24, 2004

Mahony, Counsel Lament Victims' Suffering
  - LA Times, September 24, 2004

Orange Diocese Reveals Suit; Priest Still in Post
- Los Angeles Times, September 4, 2004

Belated Lawsuits Pass California Legitimacy Test
-Tri-Valley Herald, September 4, 2004

Details Revealed from Secret Los Angeles Priest Files
- LA Times, August 1, 2004

L.A. Panel of Priests Endorses Mahony
- LA Times, March 27, 2004

Mahony's Mea Culpas Not Very Convincing
     - LA Times, February 18, 2004

Partial List of Accused Priests in L.A.
     - L.A. Times, February 18, 2004

Los Angeles Archdiocese Names Accused Clergy
     - LA Times, February 18, 2004

Ten California Priests in Lawsuits Still on the Job
     - LA Times, February 7, 2004

Oakland Woman Settles Case, Urges Other Victims to Come Forward
     - San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 27, 2004

Out of the Darkness - CA Victims Seek Healing, Vindication
     - Long Beach Press Teleg., Jan. 12, 2004

CA Law Spurred Flood of Abuse Suits
     - LA Times, January 1, 2004

Stepping Forward: Four Brothers Speak Out about Sacramento Priest
     - Sacramento Bee, December 20, 2003

Run of Abuse Claims Seen in Calif
     - LA Times, December 8, 2003

Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal Drags On, with No End in Sight
     - Ventura County Star, December 7, 2003

SNAP Opposes Honor for LA Priest
     - Los Angeles Times, October 7, 2003

A California Victim Discovers Hope in the Parish
     - Los Angeles Times, September 28, 2003

LA Priest Held Again in Alleged Sex Abuse
     - Los Angeles Times, September 11, 2003

Cell Doors Swing Open After Ruling on
Molestation Cases

   - LA Times, June 28, 2003

Catholic Rift Over Keating Panel Rises
    - Los Angeles Times, June 13, 2003

Cardinal Stonewaller
    By George Neumayr - The American    Spectator on the Web - May 27, 2003







Ric Francis/Associated Press

Cardinal Roger M. Mahony has remained the leader of the Los Angeles Archdiocese despite numerous sexual abuse cases there.

Priest Charged in Sex Abuse of Boys in Oxnard, CA
     - Los Angeles Times, March 29, 2003

Cardinal Mahony Now Resisting Disclosure
     - LA Times, March 3, 2003

National Advocacy Group Helps Victims 'Break Their Silence'
     - Los Angeles Times, February 22, 2003

Apology Sought for Backing Priest - San Francisco Police Enrage Victims' Group
     - San Francisco Chronicle, Feb.1, 2003

Church in Crisis -- Spotlight of Scandal Moves Westward
  - National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 31, 2003

New Law Gives Sex-Abuse Plaintiff the Means to Fight
     - LA Times, December 31, 2002

California Waives Civil Statute of Limitations; Bishops Launch Counterattack
     - New York Times, December 6, 2002

Charge Against Plesetz Echoed: A Woman in Irvine Says She, Too, Had a Child by the Former Catholic Priest
     - The Orange County Register, Oct. 1, 2002

2 Ex-Priests Charged in Molestations - Michael Baker; Carlos Rodriguez. 
     - Los Angeles Times, September 27, 2002

D.A. Steve Cooley Says He'll Take His Investigation of Cardinal Mahony's Pedo-Priests "Wherever it leads."
     By Ron Russell,
     - New Times L.A., July 11, 2002

Sisters Allege Abuse by Transferred Priest      - Los Angeles Times, June 21,2002

61 L.A. Priests Face Investigation
     - Los Angeles Daily News , June 20, 2002

Enraged Catholics Vent at Agoura Forum on Abuse
     - Ventura County Star, April 17, 2002

Orange County Diocese Took Priest with Known Sex Problem
     - Orange County Register, April 11, 2002

Retired Boston Priest is Dropped as a Police Volunteer
     - San Diego Union -Trubine, April 4, 2002

Priest Who Admitted to Sex Abuse of Teen Agrees to Leave the Clergy
     - LA Times, March 29, 2002

Sexual Abuse Victims Confront Cardinal Mahony
     - LA Times, March 25, 2002

Cardinal Mahony Won't Say if Police Got Priests' Names
     - LA Times March 5, 2002

Mahony Ousts Priests in Sex Abuse Cases      - LA Times, March 4, 2002



Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests