Newark Archdiocese Refuses to Reveal Whereabouts of Abusive Clerics

We’re both encouraged and worried to learn that “Four (accused abusers) are being monitored by the Newark Archdiocese under unclear circumstances.” Children are safest when predators are jailed. If that’s not possible, then predators should be publicly exposed and closely monitored, ideally in remote, secure, independently-run facilities under the supervision of secular professionals.

That is not what is happening in Newark. Catholic officials are housing some predators in a setting where they are presumably somewhat watched. That is a step forward. However, while this Is better then letting them live alone completely unsupervised among unsuspecting neighbors, it is far from ideal.

For the safety of children in the immediate vicinity, Newark Archbishop Joseph Tobin should reveal the “undisclosed retirement home” where these ex-clerics live now.

We also agree with the former Bergen County prosecutor John Molinelli, who once seized oversight of one such cleric from the Archdiocese, when he said “it's often a question of will, not ability.”

"This is a major corporation; they had every resource at their disposal to know the whereabouts of their staff members," said Molinelli. He is right.

More church officials should use their power and resources to isolate and house proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesters, while using those same powers and resources to reform archaic, predator-friendly laws and find victims, witnesses and whistleblowers who can help put these dangerous individuals where they belong: in prison.

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  • Michael troiano
    commented 2019-02-21 08:16:18 -0600
    They are criminals that protect criminals, Barbara Gondeck horrible person to have to look at and deal with in Camden…

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