New SNAP Chapter Launched in Aotearoa-New Zealand

The Aotearoa-New Zealand chapter is founded by Dr Christopher Longhurst, a survivor of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and brothers at two Catholic schools in New Zealand in the 1980s. Chris recently discovered that others abused by priests and religious started support groups within the SNAP network, and this grew worldwide. Chris is now the peer-support facilitator for the Aotearoa-New Zealand SNAP chapter.

“At SNAP Aotearoa-New Zealand, we know that sometimes all it takes to heal is a little support. We are determined to make an impact. The core of our efforts will be to bring together survivors of abuse by priests and religious across Aotearoa-New Zealand. None of our members are experts. We’re just survivors helping survivors. Our mission is to support each other, protect children, do advocacy around laws reporting abuse, and speak out against abusers and those who have covered up for them. Through all of our endeavours, we hope to achieve the conviction behind our belief that together we can heal.”

SNAP is the world’s largest, oldest and most active self-help group for victims and survivors of clerical sexual abuse. The organization has more than 25,000 survivors and supporters worldwide.

SNAP is a confidential and safe place for survivors to be heard, supported and to heal. Most survivors, especially victims of child sexual abuse, never come forward. SNAP Aotearoa-New Zealand provides an opportunity for them to come forward, to tell their stories in safe and supportive peer-support group meetings or one-on-one. SNAP Aotearoa-New Zealand welcomes survivors of abuse from all faith-based organizations in Aotearoa-New Zealand.

To make contact, email [email protected] or contact Chris at [email protected] or sms 022 3440496.

SNAP Network is a GuideStar Gold Participant