New Report Details Sexual Abuse Over Decades In The Bridgeport Diocese

A report released Tuesday says that 281 people have been sexually abused by members of the Diocese of Bridgeport since its inception in 1953 -- and nearly all of them were minors. In a report commissioned by the diocese itself, retired state court judge Robert Holzberg found that they had been sexually abused by 71 priests. 

The report concluded that 10 priests were responsible for more than half of all cases. 

Holzberg also said that Cardinal Edward Egan broke the law when he was Bishop in Bridgeport. According to the report, Egan and other bishops didn’t notify law enforcement and took a dismissive attitude toward survivors.

“The priests who committed these ghastly acts engaged in criminal acts, they violated their vows and their canonical obligations, and the bishops who failed to report violated their obligations under the mandated reporting law,” Holzberg said during a Tuesday press conference.

The report found that the diocese has known about the existence of abuse for its entire 66-year history.

Gail Howard is the co-leader of Connecticut’s Survivors Network of those Abuse...

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  • Richard Kensinger, MSW
    commented 2019-10-03 14:41:36 -0500
    Pennsylvania once again is debating about altering the statue of limitations re: child sex abuse w/ victims vs. Church attorneys and attorneys for insurance carriers.
    6 dioceses in Pa report spending $65M to 384 victim/survivors. 200 more claims are pending. The Altoona-Johnstown PA initiated a compensation fund in 1999! It may have been the first to do so in the US? Republicans primarily resist the proposed changes?
    Rich, MSW

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