New Lawsuit Filed Against the Diocese of Greensburg

A new lawsuit has been filed against the Catholic Diocese of Greensburg. We applaud this brave survivor for coming forward and hope that this news will encourage others who may have been hurt in Pennsylvania to come forward and find help and healing.

The lawsuit alleges that Fr. Joseph Sredzinski abused a child for six years starting when the boy was 11 years old. Fr. Sredzinski was first identified as an abuser in the 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury report where multiple incidents and allegations were recorded. Our hearts ache for his victims, especially since it seems clear that Catholic officials had knowledge about Fr. Sredzinski’s behavior and chose not to take any action. Their apparently deliberate inaction allowed other children to come to harm.

We hope that anyone else who had been hurt in the Diocese of Greensburg will be encouraged by this news and will find the strength to come forward to local law enforcement and make a report about what happened to them.  

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