NETHERLANDS - Commission reveals widespread abuse of girls by priests and nuns

Our hearts ache for the all of the thousands of girls who victimized by the priests and nuns who were supposed to be caring for them. This is an enormous betrayal of trust, and such crimes have life-long and damaging effects. 

We hope that, by reading this report today and knowing at least some of the truth around their victimization is known, they will find some healing.

We are glad that the commission turned over the files on cases that they believe are prosecutable, but we would prefer if they had turned over all files to police and prosecutors. That way, a creative legal mind may have been able to find some way to prosecute some of the offenders (remember, Al Capone was brought down on tax evasion).

We urge the commission to turn over these files now, and to release the names of all known predators to the public. Hopefully, another victim who has long been suffering in silence will see this and find the strength to come forward, make a report, and do what they can to protect kids.


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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-03-12 12:49:50 -0500

    And, yes, I have often thought in these days since Benedict XVI resigned, of Eliot Ness (and the US Gov’t) vs. Al Capone, as well as David (in the Bible of God) vs. Goliath.

    And honestly, doing so, does continue to give me hope and belief about THIS conclave and papal election. Please, SNAP members and other victims, let Christ’s words in the New Testament, and your own knowledge of truth about these predators, GIVE YOU POWER AND STRENGTH TO PERSEVERE NOW, TO END THE CONTINUED PERPETRATION OF THESE ATROCITIES. Remeber, that eventually, the Romans stopped killing and burning Christians in the colleseum, that the Crusades did in fact, END. Believe that the heirarchy of the Catholic Church can no longer continue to be, nor enable any others to be, pedophile priest predators!!! THIS WILL BE STOPPED!
  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-03-12 12:32:15 -0500
    Be present in mind and spirit if you cannot be physically present, at today’s conclave, please.

    Please PRAY today March 12, 2013 that such a thing as a non-sexual offending, non-enabling achbishop or cardinal priest does exist today, and that he will in fact be found after serious search, by the voting cardinals and only then, elected Pope.

    And, please remember: that in the Gospel of Matthew 18:6, Christ himself is quoted saying: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it were better for him to have a great millstone hung around his neck, and to be drown in the depths of the sea.”

    That, is exactly what I believe should be done, with convicted pedophiles. I thank God for the SNAP organization and I do believe that the time has come, the tide has turned and that pedophile predator priests will be found, prosecuted and convicted. And, I also believe that people like Roger Mahoney who have already been shown to have aided and abetted priest pedophiles, should be afraid that such will be their fate, as well.

    As I’ve said before on this site, recently, I believe that Christ’s words in three places in the Bible are not only very clear, but prescient in a way that no other’s words could be.

    Please re-read AND Remember: Luke 17:2, Mark 9:41 and Matthew 18:6 If you are reading this comment and all the comments and news articles on this site, of all times in your lifetime, Please re-read AND Remember: Luke 17:2, Mark 9:41 and Matthew 18:6 Please Do this NOW, TODAY.

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