MT - SNAP applauds the 200+ victims who just came forward in MT

These brave victims from the Blackfeet Indian reservation deserve gratitude for coming forward and reporting heinous child se crimes. It could not have been easy, but we are glad that, by speaking out, these victims are helping to expose at least 26 child molesting clerics. We hope that others who may have been abused by those clergy or any other Catholic employee in Montana will find the courage to break their silence and add their name to the list of these survivors.

Bishop George Thomas and Bishop Michael Warfel should immediately use all of their resources - websites, newsletters, parish bulletins and personal appeals - to reach out to others within Montana who may be hurting. They should urge those who saw, suspected, or suffered clergy abuse to immediately contact police, so that those who commit and conceal child sex crimes can be prosecuted and so that kids can better be protected, and so that victims can better heal.


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  • Jeannie Guzman
    commented 2012-08-08 14:51:47 -0500
    Thousands of indigenous indian children were abused by Roman Catholic Priests in Canada and in the States. The stories in Canada came out years ago, and are still being revealed. I have a sense that this case is going to be controlled by the Archdiocese, who will probably try to do a mass settlement for pennies on the dollar and leave the adults, whose lives were wrecked by the Church as children, still needing to deal with the aftermath of their abuses, rapes and sodomies, with little finances to do so!
  • Barbara Dorris
    published this page in Official SNAP Media Statements 2012-08-07 11:13:36 -0500

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