MS - Victims urge "action," not "waiting" in child sex abuse case

A Hinds County judge will decide whether Rev. John Langworthy, who has admitted to “sexual indiscretions” with boys in Mississippi and Texas will be prosecuted or freed.

For people with information or suspicions about Rev. Langworthy to silently sit back now is irresponsible.

It must be tempting to do nothing, and assume that "everything will turn out fine in the end," that a judge will let criminal proceedings against Langworthy proceed, that Langworthy will be found guilty, and that Langworthy will be put behind bars for many years so he can't hurt others.

Those assumptions are tempting. But they're foolish.

Kids are safer when adults act. Kids are hurt when adults selfishly stay silent and assume that someone else - the police, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury - will make sure child molesters are locked up.


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