MS - Child predator loses pharmacy license

At a public meeting today of the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, the board accepted the voluntarily revocation of Rev. John Langworthy’s pharmacy license. Last month, Langworthy pled guilty to charges involving the sexual abuse of five boys between 1980 and 1984.

Langworthy was licensed as a Pharmacy Technician on November 28, 2011.

We are grateful for this decision,” said Mark Belenchia, SNAP’s Mississippi leader. “This will keep him out of a position that gives him authority and access to drugs that he could to abuse more kids. Consequently, kids in Mississippi are safer.”

“We are disappointed that he got a license in the first place,” said Amy Smith of Houston, a former colleague of Langworthy’s at a church there. “We still want the Pharmacy Board to explain how this happened and thoroughly review its procedures so that a child molester is not able to do this again. Vigilance must be the priority in the protection of children, so just because this one predator lost his license does not mean the process is fixed.

SNAP leaders are concerned because in order to get his license, Langworthy would have needed to pass a background check in order to prove he is of “good moral character.”

SNAP is also concerned because his job at Medicap Pharmacy in Clinton, MS could feasibly put Langworthy within access to drugs with which he could tempt young children today as he did in the 1980’s.

“Any time a predator is given a title or position of responsibility, he or she will try to use it to win the trust of parents and get close to kids,” said David Clohessy, SNAP Director. “Given Langworthy’s criminal record and history, we feel he is unworthy of this title.”

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