MO--Victims to leaflet Cathedral


Victims to leaflet Cathedral

Two serial predator priests worked there

Both clerics were involved in recent settlement

They’re still priests, still alive and still in Kansas City

Group wants to warn parishioners & public about them

And victims vow: “After settlement, we’ll still be vigilant!”

SNAP: “Bishop should post predators’ names on his website


As parishioners enter/leave mass, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will hand out fliers. The leaflets urge parishioners to ask their loved ones if they were hurt by

--two credibly accused serial predator priests who worked at the cathedral and were involved in the recent $10 million settlement, or

--any of the other 23 publicly accused KC area predator priests. 

For the safety of kids, they will also urge ‘

--KC's Catholic bishop to permanently post names of predator priests on his website, and 

--anyone who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes to call police, not priests. 


Sunday, Nov. 2 at 11:30 a.m.





On the sidewalk outside the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, 416 W. 12th in downtown Kansas City, MO


Three to four members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (, including a KC man who recently endured the first pedophile priest abuse and cover up trial in Kansas City and a St. Louis woman who is SNAP’s long time outreach director


Last month, 32 clergy sex abuse victims settled with the KC diocese for nearly ten million dollars. Two of the accused priests involved in the settlement are Fr. Michael Tierney and Fr. Thomas M. Reardon. 

Both are still priests, worked at the Cathedral, still live in Kansas City, and have been accused repeatedly of abuse and of working together, giving drugs and liquor and porn and ‘massages’ to the same boys, molesting them, and “rationalizing one another’s crimes to these scared and confused kids were taught since birth to respect, revere, trust and obey priests,” SNAP says. The group also maintains that “psychology and common sense strongly suggest that both Fr. Tierney and Fr. Reardon remain dangerous.”

Even after allegations against Fr. Tierney were made public in lawsuits a few years ago, Bishop Robert Finn did not promptly remove him from parish work. According to, the “diocese learned of allegations (against him) in 2008” but “removed him in June 2011 for credible reports alleging sexual misconduct with minors in 1970s-1980s.”

SNAP says that Bishop Finn should use pulpit announcements, parish bulletins and church websites to disclose where Fr. Tierney and Fr. Reardon are now, again, so that kids will be safer.

According to internet searches Fr. Tierney lives at 412 E. 64th Terrace in Kansas City MO and Fr. Reardon lives near the intersection of 13321 Birch St. (Apt 825) in the Deer Park subdivision in Leawood, KS - less than a mile from three schools: Oxford Park Academy (13200 Nall Ave.913 897 2774), Overland Trail Elementary (6225 W 133rd, 913 239 7000), and Mission Trail Elementary (13200 Mission Rd.913 239 6700). 

Fr. Tierney was ordained in the Kansas City diocese in 1969 and worked most recently at Christ the King parish in Lee’s Summit. He also worked at the Kansas City Cathedral, St. Elizabeth, St. Patrick, St. Charles Borromeo (all in Kansas City), St. Joseph in St. Mary’s, Coronation of Our Lady in Grandview and Holy Spirit in Lee’s Summit.

Fr. Reardon was ordained in the Kansas City diocese in 1967 and worked most recently at both the Cathedral and St. Elizabeth’s for four years each. (Both parishes are in Kansas City). He also worked at St. John Francis Regis, St. Gabriel Archangel, the CYO and various archdiocesan offices (all in KC), Church of Santa Fe in Buckner, and Camp Little Flower in Raytown. 

Photo of both are at Fr. Tierney was represented by KC lawyer Brian Madden (816 701 1100). Fr. Reardon was represented by KC lawyer John J. Gates (816 531 7200).

Lawyers for the diocese include David Frye ([email protected]816.460.5726816.460.5732) and Mara Cohara ([email protected]816.460.5760816.460.5413). Finn's attorney is Spencer Brown (816.421.4000

The lead attorney for the victims is Rebecca Randles (816 510 2704 cell, [email protected]).

2) SNAP wants Bishop Robert Finn to do what 30 other bishops have done, and post on his website -- for the sake of public safety -- the names, whereabouts and priestly status of child molesting clerics who are or have been in the area. Over the past eight years, roughly 30 US Catholic prelates have taken this step, which SNAP considers a simple, inexpensive, common sense way to safeguard kids.

According to a Boston-based independent research group called, there are 25 publicly accused Kansas City area Catholic clerics. SNAP notes that the actual number of area pedophile priests is likely much higher because lists only those clerics against whom allegations have been lodged in the public domain – in civil lawsuits, criminal prosecution or news accounts.


In 2002, Baltimore became the first US diocese to disclose predators’ names. A good current example is the Philadelphia archdiocese:

Here’s a list of bishops who have posted predator priests’ names:

Besides Fr. Tierney* and Fr. Reardon* the publicly accused KC MO area priests are: Fr. John C. Baskett, Fr. Michael Brewer, Fr. Thomas J. Cronin*, Fr. James H. Ford*, Fr. Martin Froeschel*, Fr. Richard Geimer, Bishop Joseph Hart*, Fr. Mark Honhart*, Fr. Sylvester Hoppe, Fr. Earl Johnson, Fr. James Lawbaugh, Fr. Francis E. McGlynn*, Fr. Hugh F. Monahan*, Fr. Stephen J. Muth, Fr. Thomas J. O’Brien*, Fr. Thomas Parrott, Fr. Bede Parry, Fr. Shawn Ratigan, Fr. Isaac True, Fr. John Tulipana,* Fr. James Urbanic, Fr. Thomas Ward, Fr. James Wegenek* and Fr. Francis L. Wise*.

(* means the cleric was involved in the recent $10 million settlement. The underlined priests are deceased.)

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