MO- St. Louis victim’s attorney speaks on settlement

July 7, 2014


As was announced by the Archdiocese today, the Jane Doe 92 case has been settled. We will
only be making the following statement and by the agreement reached today will not be making
any further statements about this matter.

We stand by our client and her allegations that she was raped by Fr. Ross in 1999-2002 while
Jane Doe 92 was a parishioner at St. Cronan’s Church. We also stand by her allegations that she
was raped by another person. Some of Jane Doe 92’s therapists support her account.

Victimization is a terrible thing and what this young lady has experienced should never happen
to any person.

We believe a jury would have ultimately found that Fr. Ross raped Jane Doe 92. We must,
however, take action to preserve her health and well-being. We agree with the Archdiocese that
there is no healing for Jane Doe 92 that would come from a three week trial of these difficult and
personal facts.

We believe in and applaud the courage of Jane Doe 92 and her decision to avoid the rigors of
trial and begin the healing process. Her efforts through this case have already brought awareness
in this community about the sordid history of Ross and how it was handled by the Archdiocese.
Through that we hope this community is safer.

Kenneth M. Chackes

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