Victims are calling on a Missouri Baptist minister and Southwest Baptist University trustee to action regarding a controversial Greenwood minister

Once again, a Baptist minister accused of mishandling a child sex abuse case has a new role. Mike Roy of Raytown, MO has been named vice-chair of a panel to search for a new president of Southwest Baptist University. SBU's Board of Trustees selects search firm for presidential search (

Abuse victims have blasted Roy for his part in hiring Shawn Davies as a minister at First Baptist Church of Greenwood, MO in 2003 and for his part in allowing Davies to continue working at the church despite a sexual abuse indictment in another state and a new victim's disclosure at First Baptist Church of Greenwood. As the then senior pastor of FBC Greenwood, Roy hired Davies at a time when Davies was under investigation in Kentucky for sexual abuse. Roy permitted Davies to continue working at the church for five months following Davies' May 2005 indictment on sexual abuse charges in Kentucky. When a new victim came forward from Roy's own church, First Baptist Church of Greenwood, MO, in July 2005 and disclosed the abuse to senior pastor, Mike Roy, Davies was permitted to continue working at the church with full access to children in the church until October 2005. There is no record of a police report or a report to the Missouri child abuse hotline by Roy or anyone connected with or representing the church. A parent of a victim was the first to file a report of any kind.  Roy refused to be interviewed by police despite the public pleas of investigators, and police were forced to seek a search warrant to gain access to the church (the scene of the crimes). In May 2006, lead detective Robert Leslie told the Associated Baptist Press that police faced setbacks "because of Roy's unwillingness to cooperate." 

Despite the alleged lack of cooperation by Southwest Baptist University Trustee Mike Roy, Shawn Davies was ultimately charged with 25 counts of crimes against children, pled guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.  Davies was released early in July 2019.  

Southwest Baptist University alum Rayden Hollis told Sojourners in May 2020, " 'Mike Roy should resign his trusteeship' citing concern for assault victims at the school" 

Although Roy has repeated claimed that he followed mandatory reporting laws, Sojourners also reported, "Lou Jackson of the Missouri Children's Division tells as different story; 'Nobody who called the child abuse hotline about this incident identified themselves as acting on behalf of the Greenwood, MO First Baptist Church or...calling on behalf of another mandated reporter.' " 

The Sojourners' May 2020 article also revealed, "At least one SBU student, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, agrees that Roy should not be charged with overseeing the school she attends.

'I am a survivor of child sexual when I first heard about this trustee, my heart just fell into my stomach. I was horrified (still am) that someone who (may have) refused to cooperate in an investigation of a child sexual abuse case that occurred at their church genuinely upsets me beyond words. ' ” There's No Statute of Limitations on Trauma | Sojourners

This move to appoint Roy to the presidential search committee increases the pain of those who’ve been assaulted and increases the chance that more abuse will be hidden in the future.

Every time a Baptist institution or individual gives Roy a promotion or position, they’re hurting child sex abuse victims and signaling that ignoring or concealing child sex crimes is no big deal in their denomination.

Twelve people are on this committee. Can’t the SBU trustees either stop at 11 or find one more qualified person to be on this committee who has not been wrapped up in scandal.

Cheryl Summers, founder of For Such A Time As This Rally, a group of Southern Baptist abuse survivors, said, "How could Missouri Baptist Convention officials not take issue with a pastor who allowed a pedophile to remain on staff as a minister for five months after he was indicted? Even as new victims of Shawn Davies disclosed new instances of abuse to Mike Roy following the indictment, Roy failed to take the necessary steps to protect children in the church."

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